Monday, February 27, 2012

Sometimes you just have to be flexible

I had a boy scout troupe coming last Thurs. evening to work on a project for their art badge, so I figured out what I thought we could accomplish in a little over an hour and had made a model of a dog sculpture that they could make from 2 pinch pots and some additions of clay. I figured I would give them a choice of whether they wanted it to be a bank or a rattle. Simple.

Well, the guys arrived and I started to describe what we were going to make and their originality quickly asserted itself. They thought the dog idea was fine, but each one had an idea of what they REALLY wanted to make. So..............breathe deeply and become flexible. They did an awesome job and seemed to have a good time, too. Cherokee was a big hit. Everyone got to pet him and I swear his skin was probably tender from so much love!

Dino egg and Eagle

Pig (left) and Frog (right)

Elephant and Hamster with mohawk

They do all rattle though!

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