Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bluegill plates, a new addition to my fish line

 Teal/light grey with saffron stripes
 Dark grey/blue/saffron with red spot
Blue/aqua/light grey with red spot 
 Dark grey/greenwith red spot
Bluey-green/goldish saffron with red spot
These are some new fish that I am adding to my wholesale line of work. They are based loosely on the Bluegill, which I chose for my pottery name back in 1995 or so. People often ask if I fish, which I don't, but I really admire fish. My grandfather, Nolen, took me with him in his boat when he would go fishing and to check his trot lines. I've always loved the sleekness of their skin, the startling colors some of them display and the way they just zip around in the water. Very happy with the way this line is progressing.

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