Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life unexplained

I was looking for a photo of some llama bowls I had recently made to post to this and realized they were on the OTHER computer. This has been the operating mode recently. Many things are on the other device, which is not handy or with me at the time I want it. So eons of time is eaten up with looking for a file, checking the camera, checking the tool box, etc. Because this phenomena happens not only with technology, but with piles of papers, hidden tools, my favorite texturing rollers, etc. My husband would say it happens because I have too much stuff and it is not sufficiently organized. He is right. I'm hoping that the end is in sight soon. Recently I've been involved with a move of in-laws and the honing down of their possessions. It has made me look at the many things I surround myself with and the idea of what someone else might have to handle in the future. A jeweler friend of mine had a similar conversation with me at the beginning of the year. It involved her trying to find a home for some pottery that a dear deceased friend left and whose children didn't want it. She was saying that her daughter had different tastes and all the artwork the jeweler had collected over the years might have the same fate as this friend's pottery. All these beloved possessions that might not be appreciated by future generations. Sometimes it makes me think that big funeral pyres are in order. Or maybe just more trips to the consignment store or goodwill place while one is living. So my 4th quarter resolution is to get more organized and pare down some. Beginning with creating a better filing system for my images.

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