Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Great Open House

The open house was fun! We had lots of folks out to see all the artwork. It was nice to meet some of my fellow art guild members, who I knew the names but hadn't connected the faces with. And the ladies from Covenent Village were a great crowd. There were two winners of the gift certificates which were sponsored by Deb Lowery, of BedMe and BreakfastMe Travel. She is an independent travel assistant, affliated with AAA, whose purpose is to help plan your trip and save you time. What a great concept!

I took a few shots of work-one of the chicken pitchers we worked on in handbuilding. The other is the openings between the rooms that act as additional shelving. I repainted 2 areas and used a color similar to green tea. So this is one of the rooms looking out into the front gallery. Mostly functional work is now located here.

The next show will be this weekend at McAlpine Business Park on Monroe Rd. in Charlotte. This is always a great show with wonderful work and a big turnout. The weather is usually zen-like, with a small breeze and a calming waft of leaves in the air. They gently drift down from the towering trees, ending in the field, or near the old barn and silos. I'm sure there is a haiku there waiting to happen.

Thanks to those who said they checked in on the blog. I sometimes get the idea that I am writing just to myself, which is fine, but several of you mentioned you looked here to see what was happening in the studio.

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Ron said...

Hey, I am glad the open house went well. Things look great. I love the shelving unit. I hope we have a good turnout at the Barn Sale...see you bright and early Saturday.