Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life after Leap Day

I don't know about you, but I tried to cram all I could into the extra day we had yesterday. I was able to get new photos made of some pots, so that means I can update my website again this spring with some newer work. I also had a meeting to discuss a website for the Carolina Pottery Festival. We're trying to have a better web presence for the festival in 2008. Buffalo Creek gallery got some new pots since they were low.
At the studio I have been whittling away at my "create list" for several galleries and special orders. The kiln is firing, full of bisqueware and some slip experiments that my class have done.

On Thursday I took more work out to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. The drive is usually very nice, but I went around a bend in the road and saw the biggest bunch of buzzards. There were probably 30 to 40 of them. On the way home they were still there, gathered around a furry creature who must have sucumbed to HBC (hit by car, as they say in the vet business). It was quite freaky looking and straight out of the Hitchcock movie.

Today will be more clay production and then some planting around the house and garden. Jim has declared a "yard work" day and I guess it is time. Going to get some pansies this morning and maybe some veggie starts for the garden.
We have been real movie buffs the past few weeks. We discovered that the BiLo store near our house has a vending movie machine for a buck and a half. Pretty cool, no lines and you can pick up a "happy" (my sister's word for a food treat that is not on your eating plan). Last night we saw the movie "Rendition". It was disturbing on many levels, but most of all because it spotlights our supposed "no torture" policy and how that plays out in fictionalized "real life". We also had to resort to the dictionary to figure out how that title word was being used. I thought that it might have a specialized political meaning, rather that the one I was used to, as in "his rendition of Bach's piece was stunning". The world atlas came out after a discussion of what countries comprised North Africa. Maybe tonight's film won't be as intense.

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