Thursday, February 28, 2008

Surprise, it's cold again!

I'm sitting here with the heat running high and watching my tea waft little wisps of steam into the air. The daffodils under the trees are hanging low, but I am hoping the sun perks them up. February and March can be such surprises, weather-wise. Of course all the plant life had been convinced that cold days were a thing of the past. My tulip tree (saucer magnolia) seems to be hardest hit every year. It will put out buds in December if the days are warm and try to bloom early.

When I was at LSU, they had a circle of these lovely trees at one end of the campus, not far from the art buildings. In the spring you could walk into the middle of the circle and be surrounded by a ring of lightly scented, purple and pink petals that had fallen to the ground. It was almost magical.

Today will be a nice, long production day, uninterrupted by classes. First I will head to the studio and box up some pieces for the gift shop at Stowe Botanical Gardens, and take them over. Then back to making pieces. Hope you have a good day!

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