Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slip Ware

We have been working with some slip in class. The top image is a white and blue slip applied to brownstone clay when very wet, then carved through immediately with a wooden tool. The bottom piece is a fired sample of four different slip colors I mixed up. I used 1 oz. samplers of some Mason stains that I have had for ages and added them to 3/4 of a large yogurt container of my white stoneware bucket leftovers. I did thin the white stoneware and then blended it in a blender to get out any globs before adding the stain. I have a test piece on the white clay body to see how different the colors will be. Fun. Got to run, pots to pack and pots to make before I sleep.

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Ron said...

Hey Vicki, It will be fun to see the pots made with those tests. Good post on the Conference too. See ya Friday I guess. Ron