Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Training, Set-Ups and Cooling Kilns

Treasures of the Earth is set up. It took longer than I thought (what else is new?) but I did get to spend an hour having lunch with my friend, Bobbie. My kiln firing schedule was a bit off, so I have things cooling that I will have to hustle to the reception Thursday evening.

My dear old Scutt that I bought in 1997, used, had it's elements replaced and some new brick work. It looks GOOD inside!
It's funny because I was thinking of how much money I had spent on this piece of equipment, what with buying the elements, getting my kiln expert out to install and replace a fair amount of brick (Yes, I know I could have done some of this myself, but I would rather pay him and spend the time making and marketing pots than trying to figure out how I messed up my kiln). Yesterday a former student asked me if I thought her work was good enough to sell. I told her a qualified "yes", but I was thinking that she probably had no clue what the materials and equipment cost, much less rent, power, etc. I know I didn't have a clue when I first started in clay. I began to realize it though when I bought my wheel in '95 and then the kiln in '97 and had started buying clay and glaze materials during that time. Thinking about all this made me realize that I had a responsibility not to let my teaching turn out students making pottery who were glib about pricing their work fairly. Right now it's not an issue since I don't have any ongoing classes, having taken a break from teaching. But I think it will cause me to restructure my class fees so they do reflect material usage and costs better.

I'm in training to become a better pack leader. This is for my dog's sake. We have had two lessons together and I have homework to teach Cherokee the "Come" command, that a clicker means treats, and that his bed "poops out treats" (the words of the dog trainer) so that when I say "Place", he will run to his bed and stay there until I give him a releasing command. All of it is needed since I intend to have him in the studio all day, and he will be exposed to people who may not enjoy large dogs. I'll keep you posted on how I shape up as a pack leader!


Linda Starr said...

Sounds like a good dog trainer. So glad you are incorporating business information into your classes, that's a definite need, it should be part of all curriculums.

Unknown said...

The problem with Cherokee is that you are telling him what to do and not saying "have you thought about." He may have alot of Liles in him.