Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Sunset, Trials of Facebook

A lovely sunset from the end of last week. Late winter and early spring provides us with some beautiful sky color.
I have been trying to post a page for Bluegill Pottery on Facebook. Not sure that I accomplished it after several hours of work loading images, etc. Obviously I don't quite get that medium yet. I recently signed up personally because old high school friends were on it and have been pretty hesistant to add yet another computer venue that I have communication coming in on and need to update and check constantly. I feel like it would be very easy to suck all the creative time away from making work by getting more and more wrapped up in the computer. Already the urge to post and update is pretty intense. Probably for me, this acts as the "creative writing" I've always wanted to do, so there is more to it than pensive thoughts about pottery and a journal of made work. Anyway, I am done with the computer for the day and off to make some work. If anyone has some quick knowledge about facebook pages for businesses, please shoot me a line.....


chaetoons said...

Mornin' Vicki
My sons convinced me to try Facebook, so i did briefly. Found it to be very slow, frustrating and intrusive. Plus, they declare they have a "right" to use your information and photos in any way they determine. In other words, you have no proprietory rights to your material !!!
On the other hand, have found Flickr to be much more user friendly.
It's quick, easy and hosts a fairly large group of potters!
Just a thought.

Linda Starr said...

Blogging and twittering are all I can handle. I use my blog as a reference for myself and like you for some writing. I have a flickr account and I think if you use blogger your blog photos are automatically loaded into Picassa. Beautiful sky photo.