Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finishing Things

These are some of the things I have been working on--commissioned orders for individuals, galleries and a new (for me) Botanical Garden in Virginia. The kilns have barely had time to cool down. One load goes out and another right in.

Yesterday was a throwing day, which was nice. I had some reclaim clay that I made large bowls with, dried out more reclaim clay and threw small and medium bowls in white stoneware. Today I hope to find time to trim and make some handbuilt work for the orders.

On a dog note, I took Cherokee to the dog park near work. This was our second visit. He had a great time the first visit with 2 other dogs. Yesterday was not as pleasant because the dogs that were there were playing pretty rough and tumble. He was content to watch from the sidelines and check out all the different smells but really didn't run and chase with the other dogs. It seems like dog parks are a little mini Peyton Place (a scandalous 60's TV show about the goings on behind closed doors in a neighborhood just like yours) as the other owners talked about dogs and their people that weren't there. I was greeted as the person who had the Retired Greyhound from "last week". He's probably now known as the "stand-offish Retired Greyhound". You can see that all that gossip didn't really bother Cherokee. This is his "It's six o'clock and time to go home because I am BORED" look.

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Unknown said...

You are one hot thang with your kiln going non stop. Love the carved pitcher. The dog park, perfect place to hawk your dog bowls....