Friday, May 8, 2009

Writing on pots

These are a few shots of how I determine and place carved writing on pottery. With bowls or plates, when the writing will be along the circumference of the piece, I measure the diameter of the circlular opening and multiply this by 3. So, if a plate is 10" across, I'll have about 30" for the type. This little gem of geometry (pardon me if it is really algebra, it's been a long time) was something I took home from the Hayes Bayless workshop. I'm sure my high school math teacher would say that was required knowledge to pass their course, but I had certainly forgotten it until reminded by Mr. Bayless. You can also use a handy sewing measuring tape to get a rough figure if you forget the formula!
Once I have the space, I go to the computer and enlarge the type until I get the size needed for the circumference and print it.
At this point you could cut and angle the pieces and trace the writing on the plate using a dull pencil for the outline. I prefer to wing it, and just use the visual length of the words to keep me in the ballpark, making minor adjustments as I go.
This type face was American Unical (no caps in the typeface, so you have to do all lowercase or make up a reasonable substitution using your imagination and those years spent perfecting the alphabet in second to fourth grade).
I'll try and post images of the finished pieces when glaze fired.


Unknown said...

Great info for letter placement carving. thank you!

cookingwithgas said...

Smart! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Starr said...

Wow, what a great tip. I keep saying I want to try lettering and I have never done it, with your tip I am sure to try, thanks.