Monday, May 25, 2009

Finishing What's Started

The hard thing about clay is that you have to finish what you started. I decided to roll out some slabs for the pierced vessels that I make and take it home to work on last night, maybe watch some TV. The sad thing is that I was rolling the clay out at 7:00pm in the studio, having worked a couple of hours to make other things and unload a kiln. So with high expectations in my head and little real confrontation of how long it would ACTUALLY take me to finish, I started working on these at about 11:00 pm at home. Wee hours of the morning later I was done. I now have the slow thinking and cloudy head due to lack of sleep.
I don't know why but time is always the element I think I can overcome and continually get proven wrong as it takes as long as it takes.
But today it may take longer that it should take because of tiredness........Off to the studio to make some more pots!

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