Friday, November 16, 2007

Brie Bakers and Mugs

Yesterday was a great day in the studio, though I didn't get as much done as I thought I would. I had planned to make a crescent tray with a dragon--a custom order for holidays--mugs, brie bakers, put together 6 teapots--4 of which are custom orders-and do some slab work. Out of all of that, I got the teapots put together and ready for carving, threw the bakers, finished some covered jars and carved them, unloaded the bisque and glaze kiln and got the mugs ready for handles. So the list for today is longer to finish up yesterday's stuff. But I love doing the create part of the work. Freshly made pots up to the leatherhard stage is the most exciting for me. Maybe because they still have potential and haven't revealed what they will exactly look like. I do like unloading the kiln when it has been a good firing, though. That makes my day sing! Just the stuff in between is more like WORK. Glazing and making glazes are my least favorite. I would rather clean up the studio. I might even rather file papers.

Got some earrings finished and packaged up. I have been putting together these sterling silver/semi-precious stones earrings and wanted to have them for the holidays. Now, where to put them on display in the gallery?

Off to the studio. Lots to do..........

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Jen Mecca said...

I'm sorry I missed the festival this year. Maybe next year I can get it all together and sign up early plus have enough pots for it!I heard it was really good...congradulations and good luck with all your teapots! Jen