Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fantastic Firing

My friend Bobbie had a fantastic firing in her gas kiln. I drove out to her sale on Saturday and picked up my pieces that were fillers and they are quite beautiful. Such different colors than my firings and I was experimenting with some glazes that we had used with Ben Owens, III, at Penland back in 2000. There was a liner glaze that I added some rutile to and got a lovely ambery gold, and altered a speckled trout recipe and got a very wild green with black specks. Pictures to follow. The teabowls and flower containers will be at my studio this week and the Carolina Pottery Festival - next Saturday. Hope to see you at one of the two places.

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Ron said...

Hey, Thanks for coming out to ACC. It was good to see you all. I look forward to seeing you this weekend at the CPF and seeing some of your new pots. See you at set up on Friday.