Thursday, November 8, 2007

Only 2 days left

I'm excited. Just 2 days left to the Carolina Pottery Festival. I will choose work today, finish off the last firing and load the van to set up tomorrow. I am one of the original creators of the Festival (now in the 7th year) and I get a bit nostalgic about it at this time of year. That is when everything but the last little bits are wrapped up and we're waiting to see what the crowds will do.
To have been a part of creating something that has turned out so much larger than the original idea is quite thrilling and sobering at the same time. When we started we did projections for 35 potters and had a budget based on that. The response the first year was about twice what we expected. Every year it has been a search to widen the promotion and get it out as far and well known as possible. It has made me think twice before I criticize a show, now knowing what work it is to put on something of this nature. Our Board is great. There are 7 potters and we start planning early in the year for the next festival. The ideas for next year are already percolating in our brains but the breathtaking moment is to look out on the morning of the festival and see if there are excited crowds waiting to be let in.
The first year I peaked out, I was almost in tears of relief when I saw the line of folks waiting for the doors to open. In each year since then, I work like crazy to promote it, then still experience the awe that people are coming out and bringing their friends. Hope this year is bigger than the last!

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Ron said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this show Vicki. And all the other board members too. I am sure it will be packed in the morning!