Thursday, November 1, 2007

Count down to the Festival

This week at the studio has been a whirlwind. On Monday I glazed at Bobbie's house for her gas kiln firing. She had her grandson out there with us and we were singing to keep him amused. I could not seem to remember anything past the first line, so there were a lot of "da-da-da" verses that he heard. I had two wheel throwing classes and threw with some old clay that I had rehydrated. Very luscious and extremely soft--my wrists and hands appreciate soft clay!
Tuesday was handbuilding class and we finished up the boxes we were working on. They look spectacular! I have photos to follow. Lana Wilson was our inspiration. After that I made some slab forms and trays.
Wednesday was a trip to Shelby for a Carolina Pottery Festival meeting and dropping off work at Buffalo Creek Gallery. Finances, quarterly reports and marketing ideas kept me at the computer all day and away from clay.
Today I finished placing the ads for the Carolina Pottery Festival and got some work glazed. Tomorrow promises to be be a long production day. Yeah!! I have a list of things I have to get made. to follow and more about the Pottery Festival.

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Jen Mecca said...

I have to admit, its nice to hear of someone else who runs around like a crazy chicken some weeks!

How old is Bobby's grandson? I did get a grin on my face thinking of the two of you trying to keep a child entertained while trying to do work since I do that ALOT. Hope to see you at the pottery festival( I'm on the waiting list). Jen