Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Retrieved cameras and new ideas

Thanks Ron for reading my blog and bringing my camera to me! I had left it at the Arts Council and had not figured out how to work a trip to Shelby into my schedule.
I have been making pots furiously. We are going to take a short excursion to Mississippi to see family and visit galleries and have a little spring home show. I've also been gearing back up for classes which start next week and an order for a gallery that needs to be done in March.
One of my goals has been to reach out to more galleries and develop more wholesale accounts so that I would be able to stay in the studio and make work. I think I will always do some shows since I love to see how people respond to new ideas and new work firsthand. But the traveling and loading gets to wear on you after a while, especially since I do it by myself most of the time. That is my own preference, because I like to pack the pots a certain way and pack the car a certain way and set out the pots a certain way. "Certain Way"--maybe that's my mantra!
Anyway, my sister has volunteered to help do mailings and contact galleries for me (she made the offer last year and I have not been able to take her up on it yet) and that is my plan this year.
On another note, a friend brought in an interesting idea for needleworkers and she would like to see it made in pottery, so I will be trying out a prototype piece to see if it will work in clay.
Well, off to trim pots and put handles on mugs. I love to see this rain and feel warm and cozy in the studio with a full day ahead of clay!

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Jen Mecca said...

Go luck with contacting all those galleries. I does take a lot work! Hope the Shelby show was good for you! jen