Sunday, February 10, 2008

Treasures and other stuff

Been a while since posting. I was out of town visiting family (a New Year's resolution and recognition that everyone is getting older, me included), then came home to rush and get ready for Treasures of the Earth opening. Pictures may follow but first I must retrieve my camera from Shelby, where I left it on opening night!

I always love to see how people's work has changed. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's pots this year. Especially intrigued by Julie's work and the crisp lines she creates with slip. Again, maybe images will follow, and then, maybe not!

The class schedule for throwing and handbuilding finally came together. I was working around holidays, school schedules and show commitments and sometimes it is a bit like juggling. Looking forward to having old timers and new people in the studio. Well, off to sleep and clay dreams of spinning wheels and dancing pots!

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