Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brown bowls

Today I will get to open the kiln and see the magic (hopefully it's magic and not tragic) and then fire again if my ailing elements will endure another firing.

I have been attempting to clean up and recycle some of the old clay at the studio. I have a very low tech way of dumping the scraps in a bucket and filling with water, then bagging it in a pillow case until it is no longer slimy. Of course this means lots of buckets with clay in varying stages. Today will be brown bowl day. I have quite a bit of this stuff that I need to throw and bowls are the easiest, so... small bowls, big bowls, batter bowls, dog bowls, etc. I do love bowls and they make nice fillers to ensure a tightly packed kiln. Hmmm....maybe a few cylinders for the odd spaces are needed as well. Ok, a bowl and cylinder day!

On the home front, lots of beautiful irises and some very sweet little lily of the valley in the front and side beds. Gosh, they are both so fragrant!

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