Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Small animals on pots

Yesterday was throwing class and finishing of the work I made over the weekend. I have been making these containers for knitters to store their works in progress, thread, needles, etc. Some are shaped like the dome or bell-shaped garden containers (I think they were known as cloches) that you would put over tender young plants in the spring to protect from the last freeze. Since we had this bout of chilly weather I have been thinking about making some for the garden too.
The others were covered boxes with a space to contain the knitting needles on the side. Anyhoo, threw 7 of the cloches and 5 boxes and took most of yesterday to trim and finish them. Much longer than I had anticipated. On the lids of these boxes I have been putting small animals, much like they are sitting on the roof of a house. Since my friend Ron makes things with birds, turtles and such, I was trying to stay away from images that he uses. I have been doing mostly bees but took a swing at a cat watching a bird, and an owl. Will try to post images later.

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