Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Music in the car

Got the new Counting Crows cd this weekend, so that will be driving music for awhile. I also heard a song on the station from Gaston College called Listening to Levon and was almost positive that it was by Marc Cohn. He's a long time favorite of mine and I didn't recognize the lyrics so figured he must have a new cd out. Yes indeed he does! Then I had to check out James Taylor and his son, Ben Taylor to see if they were releasing new work, so a lot of time was absorbed looking at websites.

At the studio we listen to a jazz station most of the time. I've got several old radios and they're all tuned to that station as you go from the gallery into the studio. It's nice and unpredictable and pretty good background for looking at artwork, or making things. I know a lot of people listen to audio books or watch movies, but I get too involved in the story line and find myself not making pottery, so I tend to separate these activities from one another. The exception has been to carve pottery when watching a movie, but it can't be a suspense-filled story or the pot sits unattended with tool in hand, clay crumbles scattered about and me riveted to the plot.

On the home front, Spence, my son, has got a new cd with his band, Tides of Man. He called this past week and was sitting with 1000 of them in the band studio, enjoying the physical manifestation of their long, hard work. He did the artwork for the cover and is very pleased. If you are in the Tampa Bay area or Clearwater, FL, check out their venues/events. He is supposed to send us some, so I will have copies for sale in the studio for fans in the area!

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Jen Mecca said...

I love the Counting Crows! See you this friday!jen