Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Renewable Gifts

This is one of many irises blooming in the front bed. My former neighbor, Chuck, gave me about 4 cuttings from his garden several years ago. I stuck them by the mailbox, and they have spread out, forming this lovely circle of purple. The four have become about 12 to 15 plants. This year they are stunning and very fragrant. I love getting a gift that keeps on giving in larger quantities every year. That's abundance!
Today will be a finish day. I threw some large platters and bowls that are waiting to be trimmed and decorated, as well as some covered boxes that will need to be trimmed, providing they are dry enough.
I have managed to throw a lot of the reclaim clay, making some flower containers, tumblers, etc. Some of it was very wet, so I imagine I will have lots of shrinkage. Things will seem much smaller than when first thrown. I'm getting geared up for the two shows I will be in mid May. Pots to trim before I sleep and all that good stuff.......have a great day, and smell the irises!

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