Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today was great. I got to throw some of the dinnerware on my list and finished off with some slab work. I have been wanting to do some sumi-e type drawings with underglazes, so I did a plum branch, some chinese lanterns (plants, not lights) and some wild orchids. The cone 7 underglaze testing we did earlier in the year was a big help in choosing colors that would look good under a clear glaze, although I am thinking about toning down a light amber glaze with clear to give just a hint of color. I was working with freshly made pieces, so the underglaze went on smoothly instead of dragging like it does across bisque ware.
More color went on the walls, as I am having the outside trim painted at the studio. I liked the result, but Jim is not crazy about the color choice. I thought my black shutters would look good with the new trim, but now I'm having second thoughts. May have to check out other swatches tomorrow. Kiln opening tomorrow with custom pieces and some slip tests using Blackbird, Yellow Ochre, and Red Art. Hope I hit a home run on one of these, as I am getting low on the red/brown slip I have been using for my bamboo pieces.

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