Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clean aprons

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting James Soder, of Ambrosia Gallery in Shelby. It turns out he is married to a veterinarian and is a wood-turner. I haven't been by there yet, but intend to drop in when I am next in Shelby. Very conveniently located just off Hwy. 74. They are doing some exciting things in the arts there, which is always great to hear about.

Today is chore day--wash the pottery aprons and towels. About once a month I haul them home and clean them up. Afterwards it is really nice to put on a clean apron or grab a fresh towel. Went looking for patterns for aprons yesterday to use up some of the fabric I have collected over the years. Apparently they are back in vogue. Honestly, I have never worn one in the kitchen, and can't imagine donning one of the frilly little things featured in the pattern books. I found an interesting one that tied on the sides--similar to the old smocks you wore in grade school when they let you free with the poster paints and the newsprint.

Monday was Spence's 21st birthday. Hard to believe the last child is now officially legal. He had a nice surprise because his friend and fellow songster, Maddie, found a used piano for sale and got contributions, so he now owns a piano, residing in the band studio. Very, very appropriate for the guy who used to rock out on our one at home, amazingly self-taught.

Opening a bisque and glaze kiln, and trying to fire again before the next round of thunderstorms. Have a clean apron kind of day!

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