Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lots of new work

Here are some photos just fresh in from the studio. I have been working on special orders from a show in February, and some experimental slip work and getting ready for our ClayMatters show this Saturday in Charlotte. Some of these new pieces will be with me at the show, so hope you can come out and view them in person. A picture is worth a thousand words, but to be able to hold the thing in your hands is infinitely more valuable!

New "cloches" for knitting craftspeople to store yarn in while working on projects at home. New slip work on brownstone clay. Using the bamboo theme. Really liked the way the slip worked on the darker clay body.
Inspired by wisteria all around me. I have made a few more wisteria themed pieces and will glaze them in a similar manner, with some china paint highlights for more vivid color. I do love this piece, though.

Working on the "pierced" theme, I tried to see how the glaze would look when it covered the open holes. You can't see the effect here, but it is quite nice. I recently began to use this light blue. I would like to develop a very soft, light green but that will take some glaze experimention.

A commissioned wall hanging/platter for Gayle.

Chicken pitchers-the larger one is for Tonya. I handbuilt the original that these were based on, but decided it would be easier to throw the body of the piece and I was right!

Two different versions of carved leaf bowls for Virginia. There is one more cooling in the kiln, waiting to be glazed. Glad I don't have to chose which one!

A recreation of a pomegranite vase for Virginia. Another waiting to be fired to choose from.

Long tray for Gayle. The color on this really turned out beautifully. Very rich. Wish my studio shots were better, but I am working under limited circumstances and not so great lighting, so the color is not as vibrant as the real objects.

Scaled fish tray for Gayle.
Experimental slip work. These just have a clear glaze over them. I am not very pleased because I thought the color would pop more, but it is rather subtle. I will try to use a colored transparent glaze over the next ones and see how that works. I have an image of cherry blossoms and orchids that I want to try. Too many ideas and not enough time!

A shot of my bamboo mugs and triangle plates together. They make lovely sandwich and breakfast sets.

Ok, so that's it for pictures of work for a bit. I have to get busy and send out an email about the upcoming shows and get the quarterly work done for the veterinary hospital.
Think nice weather for Saturday from 7am to 6pm. Then you can let it rain as much as you would like because I will be done with my outdoor show!

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