Monday, August 4, 2008

Extreme busyness

It seems like I might catch myself coming or going, with things moving fast in the studio. I have been making lots of work. This is some waiting to have the bottoms sanded and then be priced before going out to the gallery space. The work is a mix of the white clay and the darker clay that I use. The patens (communion plates) and chalices are fun. I get to carve on these and they can be used either as dinnerware or during religious ceremonies, depending on who is buying!

On the greenware side, I have been making a lot of mugs. Here you can see some of the finished and fired impressed handles I have been doing. My favorite tools for these (at the moment) were a rope, the end of a great pen, and the handle of a sponge brush, accented by little pen divets. Well, little time to write as I must buzz on down to the studio and unload a kiln for glazing.

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