Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Little Attitude from the Mint

This is after a GREAT firing!

This is trying to decide what went wrong.

This is picking up the gauntlet, wielding the big stick and playing for blood. Which you have to do sometimes when you make your living based on how much that volcano that you lovingly call your "kiln" and your public refers to as your "oven" plays havoc with your work.

Seriously, these figures, which are about 12 to 20" high are in the collection at the Mint Museum. They are in the Meso American section, made by different cultures, but I love the expression and life in these guys.


Ron said...

Great post!

jkarout said...

I agree. I love the top image. it reminds me of a child that just figured out how to do something they've been trying to figure out. So your interpretation is right on target.