Monday, November 3, 2008

A Gillaroo

Seriously, this is the name of a species of fish that lives in lochs in Ireland. I had to start with this just because of the name.
Above is the book on trout that I got in Asheville. I found a form that I thought would work for a platter/wall hanging, and made a paper template for the fish. Second shot is the piece slumped into the form, with supports under head, tail and fins. The third shot is a detail of the features and a little texture. This will be in my brown clay, so the colors will be earthy and subdued.
I have already loaded the dried version into the kiln for bisque fire. It was a tight fit but will shrink enough so the glazed version won't be touching the kiln walls. If I like the way these turn out, I have plans for other versions, perhaps in the white clay, which will give more vibrant color.

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Linda Starr said...

Hi Vicki, Very nice, can't wait to see him glazed. I had a mythical creature in mind before the photos loaded. Never knew there was a trout species that large.