Monday, November 10, 2008

Pottery in use

Thought I would celebrate and illustrate how pottery can fill your life with pleasant moments. This is a little "still life" at my kitchen table. You see a Ron Philbeck covered jar at left, sitting on a tray by an artist from Colorado, next to a flower filled vase I made at Penland School of Craft, next to a square vase by Ron, which I use for napkins or flowers. The teacup, which is filled with Earl Grey is by Tiffany Owensby. I have a few more pictures like this that I will share over the next few entries. Apologies to those that I can't make out or remember the names of the potters!
Your work will have to speak for you!


Linda Starr said...

Vicki, what a great idea for a blog post. Thanks for sharing.

Jerry said...

It caught me off guard when you said the covered jar was by Ron. That must have been in his "previous life". Thanks for posting.

Jen Mecca said...

I love the tea-bowl or cup you have there!!
I think you should go crazy with those fish trays..glaze crazy that is!
Good to see you for a short moment this weekend.Jen

Ron said...

Nice post. Is Tiffany still making pots? She's not been at the Treasures show has she?