Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pottery in use 2

This is a little scene in my dining room. On the left is a saggar (a container used to either protect pottery from ashes, etc. in a wood firing or used to contain combustible materials and a piece of pottery within it, so that it doesn't affect the other pots surrounding it) which I made at Penland. It was only fired one time. I'll have to post a picture of the little sculpture that was inside of it later.
On the wall you see some boxes I bought from a clay artist at the ACC show in Charlotte a couple of years ago. Sorry--no name. Ron, do you remember who this was? The other two pots are mine, one from Penland and one with a glaze I was testing and really loved. The leg broke a bit so I ended up keeping it.
The photos are shots I took when we visited Arizona and New Mexico several years ago.

So, as to usage: Mostly these just sit looking peaceful and giving me enjoyment. Obviously the Penland pots have some wonderful memories. The vase holds flowers, but only on special occasions. The saggar and the covered jar can be used to secret items away. In my case that is usually candy that I am trying to hide from Jim. I will surprise myself when looking into things. Last week I found some lovely little Hershey treats when I picked up a box by my bedside to dust. I think they were back from Easter. Sometimes the hiding gets so good that I can't find them!
Now, this could probably lead to more posts on the different ways people like to experience things, especially food, but my brief observation is that a person who wants to savor treats and just eat one or two at a time usually ends up with a person who likes the idea of banqetting-everything on the table for consumption NOW!

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Tracey Broome said...

I find chocolate all over the house that I have hidden. I am the one that likes to savor it little by little and Gerry will eat the whole thing in one sitting. I like the pots in use series.