Friday, December 12, 2008

Bottle forms from idea to reality

These are some sketches I have made on these container forms that I want to make. I want to do a series of them, using different colored clays, making pairs, one of which is convex and the other is concave.
Texture I decided to apply to the first piece.

The first piece. Idea to reality changes are:
  • the feet--I was at the end of the day and tired so I settled on these
  • the size of the braids--couldn't figure out how to make smaller yet. I need to make more of these forms and work out the kinks
  • handles--didn't like the rectangular ones in real life, so went with a strap
  • spouts--wanted a thin, torn edge look but was uncomfortable that they would be too fragile in real life. I'm not satisfied with these, but I think doing more will help me figure a way to come to terms with the idea in the real world of hauling big pieces around.
  • angle of cut opening--I just need to figure this out. The curve of the piece makes it difficult to match the angles.

The size of this piece is about 21" long and 6.5" high, not including the spouts. I like the opportunity that posting this offers me to look at the changes I made in the making process.


Jerry said...

I like that form a lot. I do think that it would benefit from raised feet, it would give it some lift. As to matching the angles of the opening on top, don't think it is necessary. Just make them varied enough so that it doesn't look like a failed attempt at being parallel. I think the current opening works. For smaller braids...did you assemble the braid prior to putting it on the pot? Would you be able to work with a smaller lattice if you did it on the tabletop and once it set up, then added it to the piece? Maybe that is what you already did, just a thought. Good luck with developing this further!

FYI, you might be interested in joining this blog:

Linda Starr said...

I really like seeing drawings and then the clay piece developed from the drawing - very nice. Brave of you to critique your own creation. I agree about the taller feet. Love your braided pieces in the previous post, they look like real baskets.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Thanks Linda and Jerry. I don't know if I am brave enough to ask lots of other people to critique my pots or not. Maybe it's just the idea of lots of suggestions/criticisms all at once that I fear. I do love the feedback on my blog, though.

Jerry said...

"I don't know if I am brave enough to ask lots of other people to critique my pots or not."

I think the only people who really read that blog are the authors, so I don't think you have much to be afraid about!