Thursday, December 11, 2008

A great image library

I was perusing blogs and came across this great source of pottery images. Turns out it is by an instructor at UNC Pembroke. It's called clayglazepots' photostream. Some eye candy for your Thursday.
The clay that has been sitting in my car will have to exit today, despite the rain, because temperatures are predicted to get down in the freezing ranges. So, I'll be moving clay into the studio. Unloading 2 kilns and loading a bisque or two. Maybe getting back to the bottle forms that I started on Tuesday and had to store in a plastic box because there was no time to finish.
On the literary front, I have been interested in haiku poetry (maybe for using on pots, plates, platters, etc--it's always about the clay somehow. Maybe we should start a new twist on the Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon, calling it Seven Degrees of Clay?) and got a book at the library. My faint remembering was that there were a set number of syllables. From the book I got that there were 17 syllables. Traditional pattern of 5-7-5 in three lines is what I remembered from school. This book said that there's some variation on this and it seems ok to just end up using a total of 17, breaking up the lines as needed. So, here is one. It is about one of the greatest (my opinion) inventions of the modern age--hot shower water.

Water pools between
the cleft of my chest and arm
bubbles and warm streams.

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Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Wow Vicki, I checked out the photostream. Great images! Thanks!