Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The bottle/box series

This is an "S" shaped form in the series I have started. I cut out all the body pieces at once and am working on them individually. Plastic boxes keep the other pieces damp until I can get to them. They take a fair amount of time to assemble and then I always "fool" with them until I say ENOUGH. This one got feet which I do like. I did cut outs rather than braided lattice.
This is the one I finished yesterday. You can look back at the last blog and see the sketch. It definitely changed in the process. I have used a white clay and a brown clay. When Jim walked into my studio, his comment was "Nice boat". It was looking rather steamboatish to me at the end and I am trying to figure out why, because that wasn't the intention. Looks like I will be working on more of these to figure all of the changes out. I have one more body form cut out and then I want to throw some quick things to balance all the labor of these pieces.


Ron said...

Hey these are coming right along. Looks good. What would you think about the 'boat' one if it had a curved up top instead of the flat slab? That's a whole extra step or two, but may take away the boat-ish-ness of it.
Look forward to seeing these glazed and finished.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

It's funny that you said that about the curved top. I actually had draped a really curved one and then decided it was too much and turned that piece into an elongated bowl and made a new flat top. I do think a slightly rounded one would be nice. Just have to figure out what to drape it over!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Really like these Vicki!

Unknown said...

Hey don't you love the peaceful feeling you have when handbuilding? If the rest of the world would slow down like we do when we are in handbuild land we wouldn't have to do the wheel work balancing act. Love the piece, what's wrong with a boat?
MY TWO CENTS...Try shortening the side walls, from the photo they all look the same and that would break it up some. Maybe it would just look like a barge not a boat? Good work.-pb