Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beware of texture--it can be dangerous to your health.

I think about texture alot. It shows up all the time on my pots and in everything around me. My husband will vouch that one of my mantras is "I might need that for something". Right now the clogged up paper shredder is sitting on my desk while I try to figure out how to get inside of it and see if the little shredding wheels might make a nice texturizer. The warning not to open the top because it can't be "self-serviced" has prevented me from taking the hammer to it.
Now, to be fair, I have tried many times to unclog the shredder but it justs gets back to a great wad of mawled up paper that won't release in any direction. So I decided I was done using it in it's original state and it was time for that office appliance to move into the world of creativity.
But that sticker is bothering me enough to dampen my enthusiasm for exposing the hidden secrets below the plastic cover.
My caution in this is because I witnessed my son-in-law trying to dismantle a disposable camera at a diner in rural Mississppi several years ago. It had a similar warning on it. When it exploded with a small flash and a really big bang we all had to sheepishly pull ourselves out from under the table where we dove (not the bird but the past tense of dive) for cover. It sounded a lot like gunfire and I think everyone thought the diner was under attack.
This thing is a whole lot bigger than that disposable camera.


Jerry said...

Unplugged with gloves and a face shield/safety glasses...I'd feel safe with that combo. Be careful and let us know what the outcome is!

Taylor said...

I just dismantled my inoperable paper shredder. I used tools other than the hammar and now have several stamped wheels that will make interesting texturing together or spaced out. I also have several small bits of plastic spacers I can use for spacing the wheels or other wheels I make. And let's not forget the small motor. I made sure to take it out with both the forward/reverse and safety switches intact. I bet I can use that somewhere sometime in the future. Now I need to blog the pile of stuff.


Jen Mecca said...

THat was a good story!Jen

Unknown said...

Go for it - no guts, no glory!!!!!!!!!!!!