Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Completed Jars

A few of the covered jars that will be at my Open House/Studio Sale this weekend. There will be more tomorrow as I get all the images loaded from my little photo shoot Tuesday afternoon. You can see the green and blue pots in their greenware state a few blogs back.
The assembled knobs are a combo of copper wire, brass plumbing parts, glass beads, etc.


Jen Mecca said...

Vicki those look great! I hope you have a great open house. We did finish your tapes, thank you so much. I'll get them to you soon on one of my trips to Gastonia.
I hope you have tons of folks this weekend.
I also wanted to tell you that I was on the jury this year for the CDC. If you are free the weekend after Thanksgiving and want to apply next year I really think you'd get in!!!!

Unknown said...

Cover jars are great Black one is killer! More more more! -pb

jim gottuso said...

I love the top jar... and in the latter post the stupa jar came out really nice too.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

These look great Vicki! The assembled knobs are very cool.

Linda Starr said...

Wow, those are really beautiful and each is so different. Love the assembled knobs.