Friday, April 10, 2009

Food for breakfast and food for thought

Lovely blueberry/buckwheat pancackes with a blackberry and walnut topping, next to a cuppa Earl Grey. I'm pondering the "Mystery Art" that Cleveland Co. Art Guild is having. My two paintings are done and I will be mailing them today. Can you see them, you say? No preview for you--it's a mystery! But they will have them online, so check out the website. Why are you painting, you're a potter!" say you. My BFA in painting and drawing begs to disagree, though sadly, it was never put to any professional use.
Other lovely food for thought is the article in the April issue of American Style. One of the stories is on the Handmade House at the Ramble, with loads of furniture, paintings, pottery, glass etc. I followed this story before it was a story, since I get emails from the Handmade in America group and was very excited about the endeavor. Grab a copy of your own or go online to see more pictures than the magazine has at


jim gottuso said...

curious to see those paintings... my bfa was in drawing and clay

Linda Starr said...

buckwheat pancakes, my favorite, I can't stand mysteries, I will have to check the paintings out. I love black clay.