Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More preview of covered jars

I got a lot of movement on the yellow glaze I call "Vic's Yellow". I had painted a copper wash on the leaves of the yellow jars, and added a red and purple glaze for the blossoms. Well, everything started to move a bit. I was very pleased with these guys. The last one looks very watercolorish and soft. The stupa jar has the Gosu black around the rim of the top. It is washing out more than I would like, especially on some other pieces not shown here. More experimentation needed.
Camera wise, I tried cutting down some of the light exposure to get more drama. It seems to work ok on these, but don't know how it would appear as a print, rather than just on the pc screen. I didn't take larger images for print since I wanted to get these up on the blog. Another project.

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klineola said...

I love that little(?) jar on the top. Yummy carving and glazes!