Monday, December 16, 2013

The life of a studio dog

My name is Cherokee. I am an 80lb rescue Greyhound. I came from the racetrack in St. Pete, FL. My job is official greeter at Bluegill Pottery. I will jauntily lope up to the front to see you when you come in and gracefully ask for you to pet me. I love attention. My fur is very soft and many people comment on it. I do not lick but I enjoy getting close and smelling what you may have had for lunch. I ride to work in the car with Vicki every day. She has to lift me in because I have a hitch in my back and I can't jump up high anymore easily. We work pretty hard but I tend to sleep when no one is visiting. This photo is with my zebra toy, which is dirty from being thrown around the studio and dragged across the floor. Vicki is threatening to wash all my toys but I find they just don't smell as good when that happens.
Happy Holidogs and Merry Catmas from the studio!

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