Monday, December 30, 2013

Trouble with sharing posts on Facebook

Ok, this is just an example of the hoops I feel like I have to go through to get something out there. First I couldn't get the blog post to take my wording until I added an image. Didn't really intend to have to do that, but there you go. Now I can type what I want in here.

When I go to share a link on Facebook, I have run into the problem that Facebook is using a photo on my page layout instead of the photo in the blog post link I want to share. It is not consistent, because sometimes it gives me a choice of photos and sometimes it just does whatever it wants. To handle this hoop, I realized I could change out the image on my layout page. Of course, that is quite more trouble just to share a link.

If you have any suggestions about this, please let me know. It may be my settings or how I choose to open the blog, which is through Google.

But, all of it makes me a bit crazy. If I alot 10 minutes to type in a quick post, it will take 3 times that length to get it to do what I want. Ughhh! Glad clay doesn't react like that most of the time. Off to get my hands dirty!

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