Thursday, August 7, 2008

Inspiring Clay Books

These are some of the books I am looking at for inspiration at the moment. Turning Point, Modern Japanese Ceramics, The Art of Ogata Kenzan, Inside Japanese Ceramics, not quite up to date Cermamics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, and the new National Geographic, which has an article on Iran. I also found an old box of National Geos (about 10-15 years old) in the garage during a recent clean out, and went through them, ruthlessly tearing out inspirational pictures for painting and clay work.
The photos of inside the book Turning Point are to show the beautiful quality of the pottery images. Turn your head to see the great teapot. For some odd reason, blogger wants this to be a vertical shot and I have no control over the way it has flipped it! I love the honeycomb brushwork and the way the swash of simple green color meets a complex design.
Modern Japanese Ceramics is a new acquisition and I am savoring it slowly. The hip flasks are very cool and that is what is featured on the cover. Here's to some book browsing during these dog day afternoons.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

I love, love, love art books of all kinds. It's so nice to read about somebody else who has the same feeling! Saw from your post a couple of days ago that you've been putting out some great work!

Sister Creek Potter said...

I looked for "Turning Point" on Amazon and found nothing that seemed to have photos of ceramics. Who is the author? Or is there a sub-title? I love books too and would love to see this one! Thanks, Gay

Vicki Gill, potter said...

I have outgrown my bookcases now and have a few stacks on the floor. I don't think I will ever adjust to digital reading because I love to just flip through the pages too much. Thanks Patricia-I have been working hard. Hope the link in the next post helps you Gay