Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some More Mint

This beautiful green vase is one I attempted to duplicate back in 1998. It was a class project to find a historical pot and recreate it. I threw all these bottle forms and joined them. To say it was heavy is an understatement. I even bisque fired the piece but it was never graceful, always clunky. I still love the original. I also love the way the camel and horse are treated. That big thick neck of the horse is just great! Obviously these are Asian pieces and not sure what dynasty, but very old. I can't ever seem to get the piece in focus with the description legible behind and I am not organized enough to write down dates/notes that coordinate with the photos.
Yesterday was a back breaker in the studio. I threw sauce bowls, brie bakers and some plates that I want to experiment with, then geared up to mix glazes. It would have been a sight if you were there, because I had a pink plastic hair cap on and my heavy duty face mask. I had to mix 4 glazes, which ended up being 30,000 grams total. I thought it would be a bright idea to save mixing for last, since then I could leave the studio and hopefully most of the stray particles will have worked themselves out of the atmosphere today. I still have to sieve (run the thick mix through a small mesh screen to break up lumps) all those mixtures today, but the worst part is over.

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klineola said...

I'll be looking for these when I'm at the Mint in a couple of weeks. I love the multi chamber vase. It's pretty outrageous! I'm taking a tour before setting up the show under the tent! Maybe I will see you there (Mint Pottery Invitational)?