Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A trip to the Mint

My friend, Beth, and I visited the Mint Museums on Sunday for a nice girl's day. Neither one of our husbands was interested, so we enjoyed lingering as long as we wanted. I took a good bit of images for reference and thought you might enjoy these pots from the 1500's. The top platter is by Thomas Toft. The next one is a tyg, which was a term for mug. It is just so over the top with decoration that I loved it. If they would have let me handle it, I would imagine that the bumps of slip would be lovely to the touch. Nice thing about museums is that they preserve history. Bad thing is that you can't touch anything without getting in trouble!
I'll post some more of my favorites later!


Ron said...

Oh, I gotta get over to the Mint....

Jen Mecca said...

Hey Vicki,
I think I'll be coming by Thurseday to get those pots. Will that work for you ...around 2ish?

Boy, I need to put your email on my list! jen

Hannah said...

Hi, thanks for looking at my blog. The fuddling cup is another trick drinking vessel from I think maybe the 1600's or so, all the cups are linked by holes so the liquid will flow through them all into the one being tilted. There's a link on my blog that'll tell you more.
That tyg there is beautiful and the pelican plate is a cracker, I love the decoration on that rim on it.
best wishes,